White light measurement system digitizes acquired data on the spot

January 30, 2014

Hexagon Metrology has released WLS qFlash, a compact white light system that uses blue light technology for industrial measurement applications. The noncontact, portable stereo vision system captures 3-D measurements quickly on the shop floor.

Hand-held or used on a mobile pedestal, it creates reports and digitizes acquired data on the spot for analysis or direct CAD comparison. The overall optical head design is small and lightweight for limited industrial spaces.

The system is suitable for measuring aerospace components, medium sheet metal parts, molds and dies, aluminum and metal castings, and closures. Wrapped in a carbon fiber optical housing, it employs high-power blue LED illumination. Its rapid image acquisition uses patented stereo vision technology and 2-D image processing to measure surfaces, closed features, and edge lines.

With low sensitivity to machinery vibration, industrial light, and temperature changes, the system enables manufacturers of small to medium-size parts to measure surfaces and features in shop floor environments.

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