XRF analyzer facilitates high-speed material sorting, identification

August 11, 2009

Innov-X Systems Inc. has introduced the Omega Xpress XRF analyzer with silicon drift detector (SDD) technology for high-speed material sorting and 100 percent positive material identification in metal applications.

The analyzer couples an ultrahigh-resolution SDD with a 40-kV/4-W X-ray tube for hand-held X-ray fluorescence analysis of metals and alloys. It provides rapid chemistry and grade match, often in one to two seconds.

The unit provides nondestructive analysis of aluminum alloys, titanium alloys, red metals, cast stainless, and high-temp and nickel/cobalt superalloys, as well as positive material identification of carbon and low-alloy steels.

In addition to offering direct light element analysis in air, the analyzer is available with optional patented dual air/vacuum technology.

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