Air-driven pipe cutter also performs horizontal front cutting

May 2, 2011

Air-driven pipe cutter also performs horizontal front cutting -

Delivering 1.75 HP at 12,000 RPM, the new air-powered Titan 150™ from Pipeline Renewal Technologies cuts almost any pipe or liner material quickly and cleanly. With two-axis articulation, its cutter arm reaches up 9 in. and sweeps 400 degrees; it also performs horizontal front cutting. Variable-speed arm articulation and creeping help ensure maximum cutting precision without constant joystick manipulation, the company says.

The machine adapts readily to Cues Inc.'s CCTV crawler control equipment; a dedicated control interface also is available. With its lightweight hose design, the machine can travel up to 400 ft. An integral, water-flushed, pan/tilt color camera presents real-time cutting footage.

Cooled by onboard water quenching, available diamond-impregnated Kardiam bits deliver 75 to 100 hours of cutting. Hundreds of bit styles are available to suit specific applications.

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