Composite system repairs steel pipes/pipelines

July 29, 2014

Henkel offers the Loctite® composite repair system for steel pipes and pipelines, which meets the requirements of the ISO/TS 24817 global quality standard.

The heart of the new all-in-one repair system is a composite material made of resin reinforced with fibers. In steel pipelines, the composite repair system reinforces damaged pipe sections while also protecting them against renewed corrosion.The system can be used to repair both Type A (non-through-wall) and Type B (through-wall) defects, covering all repair classes 1-3. In addition to straight pipes, it can repair bends, T’s, reducers, and flanges.

The first step in the repair procedure is to clean and sandblast the surface in the repair area, followed by an application of Loctite SF 7515 corrosion inhibitor as a surface treatment providing temporary protection. In the case of Type A defects, the original OD needs to be restored by filling the cavities with Loctite EA 3478.

The pipe then is wrapped with Loctite 5085 high-strength, glass-carbon fiber that has been impregnated with the temperature-resistant, two-part epoxy resin Loctite PC 7210. This adhesive is designed to bond to steel substrates and exhibits very high adhesion. The repaired section then is sealed with the sprayable ceramic topcoat Loctite PC 7255.