Demagnetization coils help decrease weld repairs

February 10, 2014

Western Instruments offers the WD series magnetizing and demagnetizing coils for such applications as downhole drilling assemblies, particularly for horizontal well drilling, as well as pipeline construction and repairs.

According to the manufacturer, preweld demagnetization of line pipe helps decrease weld repairs because welders don’t have to compensate for arc blow, and the root, hot pass, and cap are not affected by magnetic fields. There is no interference with welding operations, and demagnetized pipe ends can be left for days without magnetic creep.

The coils are available in standard IDs of 8.625, 10.75, 14, 16, 18, 25, 32, and 44 in. and capabilities up to 60 in. For pipeline demagnetization, the system comprises a standard 1-ton truck, a light utility crane, a generator, and the necessary sizes of coils. After the vehicle is positioned, coil positioning at the pipe ends and demagnetization takes less than 2 min. per end.

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