End finishing/inspection machine has seven stations working simultaneously

February 17, 2014

Haven has developed a custom machine for prehydroform tube machining, inspection, and identification for a supplier of aluminum automotive frame components. The machine has seven stations working simultaneously to complete a finished tube every 5 sec.

The sequence of operation is double end finishing (ID, OD, chamfer, and end face), chip removal, overall length measuring, diameter confirmation, wall thickness verification, straightness inspection, and full-length laser stenciling. A complex program monitors the results of each operation and accepts or rejects a part based on extremely tight-tolerance specifications. A walking beam style transfer system ensures a smooth progression of parts through the machine.

Precision-ground linear support and servo motion control allow for minimal setup time and a statistically repeatable performance. Laser sensor technology increases accuracy and repeatability to help ensure zero defects. The Ethernet operating system allows for integration with the existing plant data collection system. The machine downloads part recipes and part identification and uploads measurement data and part identification to the customer’s data concentrator.

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