End prep blades cut dry

June 14, 2005

Esco Tool's MILLHOG® cutter blades for welding end prep tools are designed to produce a thick chip without cutting fluids.

The blades feature a radical chip breaker to direct the chip away from the tube surface and reduce generated heat. Made from T-15 tool steel and titanium nitride- (TiN-) coated, they can cut stainless steeLs, P-91, and other hard materials without fluids.

Able to bevel, face, and bore simultaneously, the blades are available in any end prep angle, including J-prep, 37-1/2 degrees, and compound bevels. They mount rigidly into the cutter head with a wedge-lock blade locking system. Welding end prep tools for tube and pipe from 1/2 in. ID to 24 in. OD are available.

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