Machine cleans 12-in.-dia. pipe to SSPC-6

March 8, 2005

Viking Blast & Wash Systems has released its SR-12P pipe and rod blaster, capable of cleaning a variety of materials from fractional diameter up to 12-in.-dia. pipe to SSPC-6 surface finish on a continuous flow basis.

The machine uses two 15-HP VC-1 direct-drive blast wheels. The dual wheel design allows for a 6-ft. abrasive blast zone. Sturdy construction and a 1/2-in.-thick cast chrome/moly lining protect the blast cabinet from abrasive wear.

A skew roll conveyor system handles the pipe or rod through the blast chamber on precision cast chrome V-groove parts rollers. Sealed isolation vestibules buffer the workspace from errant abrasive. Dust evacuation systems keep the blasted material clean and the work environment dust-free.

Entrance and exit conveyors are available. Other options and custom engineering also are available.

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