Machine combines 3-D pipe cutting, roller bed

June 12, 2013

HGG has introduced the SPC-RB CNC pipe cutting machine. The chuck-driven machine incorporates a roller bed, eliminating the need for a crane and making it suitable for use in pipe works, steel structures, and offshore structures.

The combination of a roller bed and a chuck enables the user to combine high quality and high-speed cutting, the manufacturer reports. The roller bed helps ensure automated in- and output of material, feeding out cut parts while cutting continues.

The machine is designed to compensate any pipe distortion through creep and slip compensation. An on-the-fly measurement system communicates directly with the machine and adjusts the cutting path when necessary. The independently adjustable roller wheels minimize slip.

The pipe cutting machine can be equipped with special connections to CAD software and special macros to cut industry-specific profiles. On the hardware side, the machine can be customized with several in- and outfeed systems and safety equipment.

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