Mini profiler delivers pipe cutting in small footprint

January 8, 2014

Vernon Tool offers the Lincoln Electric MASTERPIPE® mini profiler, an entry-level CNC pipe cutting system in a compact footprint. It cuts and profiles pipe from 1 to 12 in. OD, performing straight, miter, saddle, center-offset, and multiple-intersection cuts, as well as gusset slots. The unit also cuts round, rectangular, and overlapping pipe holes.

Consolidating setup, programming, and cutting, the dual-axis CNC machine has a footprint of 2 by 7 ft. and can finish 4-ft. material. Expansion models measuring 5 ft. long can help the unit hold material up to 24 ft. long.

The combination of a Windows® computer running Torchmate®Driver software with the Torchmate Pro-Series CNC provides effective cutting on XY tables. The configurable, fully editable software takes the design software-generated G code and sends it to the controller. This action activates the mini profiler's stepper motors, providing smooth torch-carriage motion through the pairing of a direct gear-drive and self-cleaning V-rail/V-roller system. A single button control moves the torch mount back to the next chuck so that material can be loaded, positioned for cutting, and unloaded.

The machine uses a variable-angle, manual height control for plasma torches. An arc voltage height control (AVHC) option keeps the same arc length and quality throughout the cut. An oxyfuel attachment option is available for material with heavy wall thickness or for pipe and tubing that is out of round.

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