Modular bladder system is customizable

December 11, 2012

Modular bladder system is customizable -

Aquasol Corp. has introduced the patent-pending I-Purge™ modular inflatable bladder system. Operators can combine various components to create a customized, heavy-duty, reusable system.

A pipe reducer can be created by connecting two bladders of different, yet similar, diameters. With the Isolator™ adapter kit, a one-sided plug can be created to close off the end of a pipe for servicing, cleaning, inspection, or sealing.

Quick-connect fittings allow components to snap on and off quickly. Operators can select from a variety of harness lengths in either stainless steel or high-heat-resistant material. This enables the placement of the bladders outside the HAZ. Propietary relief valve technology enables the bladder system to inflate at a precise rate. The flame-resistant cover protects the inner bladder from overinflation. The tubing system provides separate connections for bladder inflation and introduction of inert gas to the weld zone to help expedite purging. The inflated bladders create an airtight seal against the pipe walls.

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