Orbital welding machine allows both manual, automated welding

November 7, 2011

Orbital welding machine allows both manual, automated welding - TheFabricator.com

Magnatech has introduced the modular EZ orbital welding system. Model 517 is a tube welding controller that integrates the operation of a standard, commercial GTAW power source with the weld head. The operator can use an existing power source, allowing both manual and automatic welding.

The controller has an intuitive, symbol-based, touchscreen user interface. Operation involves selecting a tube size and wall thickness and pressing the start switch on the head. The operator can adjust set parameters by a percentage override to accommodate tube lot variations.

The machine operates a new line of tube welding heads with digital control of rotation speed regulation for repeatability. The heads can be operated without a water circulator with a reasonable duty cycle but come equipped for water cooling and can be connected to any standard water circulator.

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