Orbital welding power source redesigned

October 12, 2004

Magnatech's digital Pipemaster Model 515 has been redesigned and is half the size and weight of previous models. Digital technology provides improved accuracy and reliability, the company says.

The machine has an autoranging input of 110 to 480 VAC and a 200-amp output. It is designed for multipass welding of pipes, tubes, and tube sheets and will operate any of 15 weld head models incorporating controls for torch rotation, wire feed, torch oscillation, and arc voltage control functions.

A waterproof remote pendant uses a sealed silicone rubber keypad and fiber-optic technology. To create new weld programs, welders fill in the blanks with pipe/tube material, OD, and wall thickness data. The AutoProgram then generates a welding procedure. The power source stores up to 100 weld programs, which can be created on a time or position basis. Programmable override limits provide supervisory controls.

The system's data recording and printout include operator ID, weld ID number, program number, material, OD, wall thickness, date, time, weld head model, project, drawing, and programmed parameters.

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