Pipe cutting, beveling systems produce ready-to-install surfaces

April 9, 2012

Pipe cutting, beveling systems produce ready-to-install surfaces - TheFabricator.com

Exact Tools Oy has introduced the PipeCut line of cutting systems for steel and plastic pipe. The machines cut and bevel pipes and tubes on-site, producing a straight, ready-to-install, finished surface in various diameters and materials, the company reports.

Several models are available, from the PipeCut 170 and 170E for cutting 0.59- to 6.69-in.-dia. steel and plastic pipe to the PipeCut P400 for one-process cutting and beveling of plastic pipe from 3.94 to 15.75 in. dia. with wall thicknesses up to 0.98 in.

Each model can be supplied with a choice of three different blades: TCT (tungsten carbide tip) blades for general use in cutting steels, copper, aluminum, plastic, and multilayer materials; cermet with ceramic tips for heavy-duty applications such as cutting stainless steel and acid-proof steel; and diamond discs for cutting cast-iron pipes.

The cutter grips the pipe to be cut, with the blade positioned automatically to cut correctly. The entire weight of the cutter rests on the pipe. The blade chips the pipe surface rather than grinding it, producing a burr-free cut surface that is ready for installation. The operation is dust-free and does not produce any sparks.

Each system comes with its own pipe holders (except model V1000), pipe saw, Allen keys, CD user manual, and carrying case.

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