Pipe cutting machine reduces fitting, welding time

March 27, 2012

Pipe cutting machine reduces fitting, welding time - TheFabricator.com

HGG has introduced the ProCutter 600, designed for cutting complex piping constructions up to 24 in. dia. According to the manufacturer, the tool also reduces grinding, fitting, and welding time after pipe profiles are cut. Along with onboard MDI programs, the tool supports building information modeling (BIM) software.

The standard machine comprises proprietary software for 3-D, parameter-based part profile programming and work preparation; a three-jaw chuck for pipe positioning; a pipe support and cutting bed with pipe carriages or a roller chute for loading and unloading; a durable machine frame; a Y-carriage with either oxyfuel or plasma biaxial cutting heads; and an operator interface with graphic touchscreen navigation.

Profile cutting parameters such as root, kerf, and divergence can be programmed into the software for fit-up. The software also includes two patented cuts: the partial joint penetration (PJP) and the strainer.

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