Pipe purging system designed for preheated pipe welding

January 7, 2014

Huntingdon Fusion Techniques, HFT®, has developed the HotPurge™ pipe purging system for use up to 572 degrees F for 24 hours, rated up to 1,292 degrees F. The system is based on the company's Quick Purge®II design, but adapted for use at high temperatures.

The system is suitable for pipe IDs from 4 to 96 in. Each machine is made to size and has a tolerance of ± 0.5 in. because of the restrictions of heat-proofing material. The central large collar helps reduce the space to be purged, making it easier to reach lower oxygen levels faster.

Each of the four pull handles attached to each dam can withstand a pulling force of 1 lb. The PurgeGate® feature, which helps prevent overinflation, allows the user to connect the system to any source of compressed inert gas and turn it on to the desired flow or pressure. No matter how high the user raises the pressure in order to deliver more flow, the feature prevents the pressure from going into the inflatable dams, but allows the increased flow to make a faster purge.