Pipe saw produces end prep bevels for welding

February 5, 2013

Pipe saw produces end prep bevels for welding - TheFabricator.com

Esco Tool offers the APS-438 air-powered saw and WrapTrack® pipe trolley. It cold-cuts pipe with ±0.0625-in. accuracy and no HAZ to produce end prep bevels for welding.

Suitable for cutting all pipe schedules of P-91, super-duplex stainless steel, and other hard materials, the saw comes with fiberglass-reinforced abrasive or diamond-tipped carbide blades. The stainless steel band assembly clamps around pipe from 6 to 60 in. dia.

Capable of cutting a 10-in. Sch. 160 pipe in less than 10 min., according to the manufacturer, the 3-HP machine cuts pipe walls up to 4.75 in. thick. Featuring four V-grooved stainless steel roll guides, the saw mounts rigidly on the pipe trolley.

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