Process pipe welding system suitable for pipe from 6 to 72 in.

August 7, 2014

Magnatech’s Pipeliner FCAW process pipe system makes code-quality welds with the high-deposition FCAW process. Designed to weld pipe 6 to 72 in. and larger, the system can be used for construction of electric utility power piping and oil, gas, and water pipelines, as well as for fabrication of offshore platforms.

A new digital model uses a push/pull system for positive feeding. Multipass programming can be done using an intuitive symbol-based touchscreen, mounted in a waterproof, gasketed enclosure. Once programmed, the welder can operate the weld head and select preprogrammed pass parameters using a hand-held, waterproof remote pendant. The pendant allows operation with gloves on and hood down.

Using a standard 30-lb. wire spool helps lower consumable costs, reports the company. Users can employ standard 30-degree V bevels to help eliminate field remachining.

A pendular oscillation option is suitable for fillet and socket welds.

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