Sawing, deburring system designed for tubes, shapes up to 3 in. in diameter

May 20, 2008

The Kasto Model KASTOwa-90R/S automatic sawing machine in combination with the RSA Model NN 1000A wire brush deburring machine is designed for tubes and shapes up to 3 inches in diameter. The machine is equipped with a length gauge and a tilting support table for long cutoffs. It also includes an automatic loading table, pusher type stock feeder, trim cutting, remnant end separation, and infinitely variable blade speeds up to 780 SFPM by means of a frequency controlled motor.

The newly developed saw carriage enables the efficient use of notch grind, TiCN coated cobalt blades for extremely high cutting rates. Vertical and horizontal clamping on the infeed side and horizontal clamping on the discharge side assure square and burr-free cuts.

The heavy-duty tube and bar end deburring machine is loaded automatically by means of an interlinking cut piece transfer system. Burrs are simultaneously removed from both ends with tubes being deburred on the I.D. and O.D. Interchangeable support rails are available to rotate rectangles or shapes. The machine has a simple horizontal and vertical adjustment of the brushes as well as lateral adjustment for the cut piece length. Standard sawing and deburring lengths of 40 in., 80 in., and 120 in. are available.

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