Strainer protects piping system components

March 13, 2007

Eaton Filtration LLC's Model 50 duplex basket strainer is designed to protect piping system components, such as meters, pumps, and instrumentation, from damage and helps prevent unscheduled downtime, the company says.

The strainer, which runs continuously, removes unwanted particulate matter from the system flow through two strainer baskets operating independently within a single housing. Switching the flow from one basket to the other, so the dirty basket can be cleaned, is accomplished by moving the operating handle through a 90-degree arc. The unique port design of the diverter plug makes it impossible to stop the flow. The entire operation takes less than 30 seconds; no tools are needed, and the diverter plug is positioned automatically by integral stops.

The strainer also features quick opening, swing-away design yoke covers. No tools are required to remove the covers for easy access to the baskets for cleaning. Draining the strainer basket chambers is simplified with standard NPT drain taps and all strainer sizes have standard mounting legs for bolting the strainer to the floor.