Tube bender introduced

November 7, 2006

Unison has added the Breeze-100, a 4-in.-dia., multistack CNC tube bender, to its all-electric machine range.

The machine offers programmable control over the rotary draw bending process components and cold-bends materials such as 4-in. titanium tubing. Bends of up to 180 degrees can be made with a repeatability of ± 0.05 mm between bends and ± 0.05 degree of bend angle, and plane of bend or rotation.

The Unibend control software's automatic setup routine senses and clamps a tube ready for bending. Users have control over the bend operation and can modify the standard bend speed, clamping pressure, pressure die position and force, and mandrel positioning parameters. Following setup, operating parameters are stored, allowing the machine to be configured for further batches of parts within minutes and without creating scrap. The software runs on a Windows® platform.

Tube bending can be programmed in three ways. Bends may be generated automatically by transferring data from CAD software. A programming template is also available, allowing users to create a program by entering the distance between bends, the angle of bend required, and rotation of the tube. The last option is copying or reverse engineering using a tube measuring system to re-create the coordinates from a sample or prototype.

The unit uses servomotors to control the bend process, including the clamp, pressure die, mandrel, and follower.

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