Tube bending CAD/CAM software extracts data from CAD models in seconds

January 28, 2014

Tube bending CAD/CAM software

Horn Machine Tools offers the TubeWorks software add-in, manufactured by 3DCompound Ltd. The PC-based CAD/CAM system allows tubular metal fabricators who use SolidWorks® CAD software to reduce order processing and preproduction development time from hours to minutes, states the manufacturer.

The software automatically extracts key manufacturing information from both native SolidWorks models and common CAD file formats such as STEP, IGES, and ParaSolid. It can handle tube models with round (tube and bar), square, rectangular, oval, or flat-sided oval cross-sections.

Features include automated centerline creation through tubular geometry (for both round and nonround profiles) and automated conversion of imported tube models into native SolidWorks models for CLR modification. The software also extensively automates the generation of 2-D drawings and the creation of reports for the YBC data used to control the bending machine and for the XYZ coordinates of the modeled tube.

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