Tube cutoff machine has four blades

September 13, 2005

The Multicut MC4-610 tube cutoff machine from Linsinger features four blades for improved speed and efficiency.

Designed for 10- to 24-in. longitudinal welded tube, the 50-ton machine is accelerated to 2m/sec 2 by two electric 100-kW-capacity motors. The height drive power returns the mobile machine with 90 m/min. from its final cycle back to starting position in the tube line and accelerates again to tube line speed from up to 30 m/min.

After starting, the machine accelerates to the tube line speed, clamps the tube with four clamping devices, cuts with a 90-degree rotary movement, moves with the tube to the exit roller table, releases the clamping devices, and returns to the start position. The complete cutting process for a 24-in. tube is 22 sec.

The four-blade design allows clean cutting, reducing edge burrs and the need for further edge treatment, the company reports.