Turning machine handles through-hole applications

January 13, 2009

Bardons & Oliver has introduced a big-bore subspindle turning machine for industrial tube and bar applications.

Designed to handle through-hole applications, the heavy-duty, column-style machine provides users with the ability to process complex bar and tube components with no limitations on diameter, weight, or length.

When the machine is combined with an automatic bar feed system and a finished-part unloader, it can produce finished parts with complex machining on both ends in one fully automatic operation.

The flexible 12- and 15-station turret and tooling systems are made for handling heavy cuts while holding precision tolerances. Tool heads are sized for 1.00-in. or 1.25-in. square-shank tool holders and up to 3.00-in.-dia. boring bars.

Standard collet chuck sizes are from 3.00 in. to 8.50 in. Finished parts can be produced in lengths from 6.00 in. to 30 ft. long.

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