Large-screen TV system displays tube manufacturing process

February 4, 2014

A new camera-controlled, fully electric tube manufacturing cell from transfluid® Maschinenbau GmbH includes a large-screen TV displaying energy consumption, the CPK value, the number of tubes that have been processed so far, and the component being produced.

The manufacturing system also features a magazine, a four-axle handling system, two combination machines for tube forming, a bending machine, a chamfering unit, a dot-matrix printer, and two robots.

One end of the tube is processed before the bending procedure with a combination tube forming machine, while the second end is cut chip-free after the bending procedure and then formed. The robot then holds the processed tube in a deburring mechanism.

Both ends can be visually controlled with the help of the camera. Alternately, the robot holds the tube in a labeling unit that marks the tube in all positions, without the need for clamping. A forming machine with a rotary indexing table can be used to connect two tubes together with a flange.

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