Process demagnetizes large pipes

May 16, 2013

Schuler, in cooperation with Maurer Magnetic, has developed a process that can demagnetize large pipes during their production. According to the manufacturer, this improves weld quality, enabling pipelines to withstand much greater pressures.

In the patented process, the welded pipes are pushed through an electromagnetic coil and demagnetized, with no delay in production. The large pipes are completely demagnetized by an alternating magnetic field, which can reach a field strength of up to 80 kA/m in the coil.

The method is suitable for spirally welded pipes with a wall thickness of up to 1.18 in. and a diameter of 4.67 to 11.48 ft. Pipes with longitudinal welds can have diameters of about 8.2 ft. and a wall thickness of 0.79 to 1.57 in.

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