Abrasive jet machine suitable for precision medical device production

February 13, 2007

OMAX will use its 2626|xpJetMachining® Center to demonstrate abrasivejet machining at the Pacific Design & Manufacturing Show and MD&M West 2007. The machine is capable of up to ±0.001 in. positioning accuracy over the entirety of its 26 in. by 22 in. axis travels, the company says.

Suitable for producing precision medical instruments and devices often machined from titanium or stainless steel, the machine is compatible with the company's Tilt-A-Jet® nozzle, an option that allows almost zero taper in most materials. When in use, the Tilt-A-Jet nozzle works in conjunction with the machine's Intelli-Max® software to automatically calculate and compensate for the natural taper produced by abrasivejet machining. Through these automated adjustments, taper is moved to the scrap material, resulting in parts with perfectly finished edges, the company says.

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