Abrasive waterjet machine's traction drive system designed to handle abrasive environment

October 18, 2010

OMAX® Corp. offers the MAXIEM® 0707 abrasive waterjet system. It is equipped with a 30-HP, high-pressure, direct-drive, 50,000-PSI pump and Intelli-MAX® software. The machine also integrates a patent-pending X- and Y-axis traction drive system designed to handle an abrasive environment, as well as an abrasive nozzle assembly and a durable abrasive feed system.

With a table size of 60.5 in. by 37.5 in. and a maximum table load of 250 lbs. PSF, the abrasive waterjet cuts a variety of materials without creating HAZs or mechanical stresses, the manufacturer reports. By cutting parts directly from the plate, the system also helps reduce setup time and material usage.

XY cutting travel is 30 by 30 in.; maximum traverse speed is 350 IPM. The machine’s footprint is small, at 72 by 66 in.

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