Compact waterjet cutting system's cold-cutting process eliminates HAZ

May 12, 2009

Knuth Machine Tools USA Inc. offers the Hydro-Jet Eco 0615 waterjet cutting system. The compact machine is equipped with a software package for quick programming on an integrated PC control with graphical user interface.

The unit features a cold-cutting process to help ensure distortion-free fabrication and eliminate HAZ. Outfitted with a working area of 60 by 24 in. along with positioning accuracy on the X axis of &#plusmn;0.001 in. /ft. and Y axis of &#plusmn;0.0007 in./ft., the waterjet allows for complex contour cuts and small kerf widths.

Maximum feed speed is 160 IPM with a repeatability of 0.0007 in./ft. The tool comes with an integrated high-pressure, 10-HP pump.

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