Control software optimizes waterjet tool paths

October 21, 2013

Control software optimizes waterjet tool paths -

OMAX® Corp. has introduced Intelli-MAX® 20 intuitive control software that automatically optimizes the tool paths of the company's abrasive waterjet systems.

The new automatic tool path planning engine in the software improves the artificial intelligence of the waterjets, creating less need for operator involvement, improved collision avoidance functionality, and more efficient traversing between parts, reports the manufacturer.

A new scripting engine in the CAD portion of the software allows customers with advanced programming skills to create stand-alone applications for automating their machines. Customers can add bar codes to documents that, when scanned, allow the information to be built into the cutting parameters of the control software automatically. The scripting engine also extends the commands of the CAD applications, which users can further leverage through the company's fee-based custom programming services.

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