Dual-unit electric servo pump doubles output volume

April 25, 2011

Dual-unit electric servo pump doubles output volume - TheFabricator.com

TECHNI Waterjet™ has released the QUANTUM ESP Electric Servo Pump™ dual unit for its QUANTUM ESP55 and ESP66 waterjet cutting systems.

The dual unit doubles the output volume of the single models. It allows the waterjet to cut with a single large cutting head or two standard cutting heads. The dual pumps are synchronized to reduce pressure pulses and eliminate dead head spikes, resulting in smoother cutting and increased high-pressure-component life.

The electric servo pump incorporates a servomotor directly enveloping a high-load, precision ball screw. The ball screw directly houses the ceramic plungers, which reciprocate to create the pumping action, in much the same way as a hydraulic cylinder works on an intensifier pump.

The infinite control of the servomotor and precision of the ball screw enable accurate control over the output pressure and volume of the water displaced. This infinite control allows the operator to program almost any pressure and flow rate, from zero to full capacity, while using only the power displaced at the cutting head.

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