Five-axis waterjet cutting machine introduced

August 17, 2010

Jet Edge Inc. has introduced the Idro line five-axis precision waterjet cutting machine. Capable of cutting almost any material, it is available in three sizes: 5.5 by 6.5 ft. nominal, 5.5 by 13 ft. nominal, and 6.5 by 13 ft. nominal.

The machine features the IKC five-axis waterjet cutting head for making inclined cuts and controlling kerf. The head's capabilities include 600-degree rotation, a maximum angle of ±60 degrees, and dynamic precision from ±0.008 to ±0.019 in., depending on the tilt of head.

The waterjet machine features high-precision ground rack and pinion X and Y axes and a ball-screw-driven, 5.9-in. Z axis for accuracy. It maintains a cutting tolerance of ±0.004 in. and a repeatability accuracy tolerance of ±0.001 in. It supports a contouring and rapid feed rate of 0 to 1,575 IPM.

Motion components are protected by steel covers with labyrinth lip seals to ensure lasting performance.

The machine is equipped with programmable contact height sensing and comes standard with one five-axis head; a second five-axis or three-axis cutting head can be added. Other standard features include a stainless steel tank, automatic safety guards with clear windows on front and back, and a dredge conveyor for abrasive removal.

Options include a rotating axis for pipe cutting, fire jet etching system, a drill, and twin shuttles. Free software updates are included for the life of the machine.

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