Models added to abrasive waterjet line

November 7, 2011

MAXIEM Waterjets, a division of OMAX® Corp., has added 16 new abrasive waterjet machines to its line of JetCutting centers.

The 2000, 3000, and 4000 series employ the same 50,000-PSI, direct-drive pump technology as OMAX's JetMachining® centers. They also feature Intelli-MAX® software and Intelli-TRAX® linear-drive technology; floor- or tank-mounting options; easy-access USB ports and power/pause controller interfaces; high-pressure track plumbing for additional X-axis coverage; and DualBridge system compatibility, which uses two Y bridges.

The 2000 series features XY cutting travel from 240 by 80 in. to 560 by 80 in. The 3000 series offers XY cutting travel from 160 by 120 in. to 640 by 120 in. The 4000 series provides XY cutting travel from 320 by 160 in. to 640 by 160 in.

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