Modular waterjet pump designed for tight spaces

August 8, 2012

Modular waterjet pump designed for tight spaces -

Waterjet manufacturer Jet Edge Inc. has introduced the iP36-50 modular waterjet intensifier pump. The portable, 36-KSI, 50-HP pump has a modular design, allowing it to move into tight spaces.

The pump produces up to 1.8 GPM of ultrahigh-pressure water for precision cutting, cleaning, and surface preparation applications. It includes three modules with lifting eyes that can be stacked to save space during operation or storage.

The pump's hydraulic module contains the electric motor, hydraulic pump, hydraulic fluid supply, a plate-style heat exchanger, and related components to produce the hydraulic power to operate the intensifier. The hydraulic module also has an adjustment to set the hydraulic pressure that controls the ultrahigh pressure. The pump’s water module contains the intensifier, attenuator, bleed-down valve, water filters, and related components.

The electrical module contains the electrical components to operate the electric motor and intensifier. The electrical module also issues control signals and monitors sensor signals. The modules are linked together by hydraulic hoses and electrical cables, which allows for separation of the modules from each other to a distance of 10 ft.

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