Monitoring system lets operators analyze waterjet machine parameters

October 15, 2012

Monitoring system lets operators analyze waterjet machine parameters -

OMAX® Corp. offers the new Intelli-VISOR™ system monitoring package to oversee the status and performance of the company's JetMachining® abrasive waterjet machines throughout the cutting process.

The system connects operation controls with machine maintenance. As a function of the new Intelli-MAX® 18 control software, the package uses a Modbus® communications protocol and features a software interface and machine sensor network to capture and share real-time data from different components across the abrasive waterjet system. As a result, operators can monitor and analyze such parameters as cutting activity, pump pressure, and abrasive levels and keep track of machine hours and maintenance schedules.

Operators can configure which aspects of the machine should be monitored and the action the machine is to initiate if an operation is about to fail or has failed, including pausing the machine to protect the cutting head and workpiece and administering an alert notification.

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