Small-scale waterjet systems save floor space

January 27, 2014

Small scale waterjet system

WardJet has introduced two new models to its Emerald series of waterjet cutting systems.

At 2 by 2 ft., the Emerald 0606 is the smallest waterjet manufactured by the company. Because of its rigid, sturdy tank design, it can handle materials from 2-in. foam sheet to 12-in.-thick stainless steel.

It features ball screw drives, a cantilever-style arm, and 12-in. Z travel. This short-travel, cantilever architecture balances the reduced machine footprint and number of moving parts while helping to maximize the cutting envelope and maintain overall stiffness.

The Emerald 0612 offers double the cutting envelope at 2 by 4 ft. The cantilever-style arm is ball screw-driven, and the tank is reinforced for extra support. The machine indexes sheets of unlimited length from front to back, so standard 4- by 8-ft. material sheets up to 2 in. thick can be cut.

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