Waterjet cutting machine produces 3-D shapes in single pass

September 14, 2004

Machine Tools USA offers the Knuth USA Hydro-Jet five-axis waterjet cutting machine designed to produce complex ,3-D shapes in a single-pass operation.

The system operates with both pure water and abrasive-added cutter heads and includes a computer-controlled gantry. Made of stainless steel, the system features low-maintenance servomotors and drive systems; modular construction; graphic-interfaced, PC-based controls; a regulated water reservoir; and a four-chamber settling tank with a connector for an abrasive sludge removal system.

Suitable for cutting stainless steel and composites from thin films to 8-in.-thick slabs, the system produces no thermal stress, material hardening, dust, smoke, or toxic fumes. According to the company, it delivers a small kerf width and clean edges with no burrs.

Available options include a sensor-controlled height control and the capability for multiple-cutting-head operations. The system also is available in a basic version with two controlled axes.

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