Waterjet cutting system has high-pressure intensifier pump, pneumatic drill

October 9, 2007

Jet Edge Inc. offers a high-rail-gantry, precision waterjet cutting system, an iP60-50 ultrahigh-pressure intensifier pump, and a self-feeding pneumatic drill.

The waterjet system can produce complex parts out of nearly any material, the company reports. It features a stable overhead design that allows full access to the work envelope and raises critical components out of the process environment. In addition, it utilizes high-volume, low-pressure air around the ball screws and linear motion guides and bearings, designed to prevent contamination from entering the work envelope and process environment. Repeatability is 0.002 in. over the entire work envelope. Powered by the company's line of intensifier pumps, which range from 30 to 200 HP and are rated for 60,000 PSI (4,100 bar), the system is available in 2-ft. increments from 4 ft. by 4 ft. to 24 ft. by 14 ft. Custom sizes are available, and the system can be expanded in place.

The company's 50-HP iP60-50 intensifier pump—featuring extended-life hydraulics technology and a reliable tie-rod design—is rated for 60,000 PSI (4,100 bar) and provides flow rates of 0 to 1.1 gal. per minute to various cutting, surface preparation, and cleaning tools. Designed for simplified service and maintenance access, it features a non-high-pressure cylinder with an improved performance check valve and low torque requirements.

The company's waterjet cutting systems are controlled by the AquaVision Di® motion controller that guides users through the process from job setup to production, allowing them to control single parts, part arrays, mirroring, scaling, rotation, and plate alignment.

The controller is fully networkable, enabling part programs to be generated offline and transferred to the system's hard drive for production. Feed rate and acceleration are automatically varied based on known features of a specific job. Dynamic tool offset (cutter compensation) is employed in real time, and an optional real-time pump control allows remote starting and stopping of the pump, dual pressure set points for hard-to-pierce materials, and unlimited data logging of all possible process parameters, the company reports. The controller includes a full-featured, hand-held pendant that allows feed rate override, return-to-path, program zero set points, and XYZ axis control.

The company's self-feeding pneumatic drill, available in stationary and laterally adjustable models, enables waterjet operators to pierce sensitive materials quickly before cutting them with the waterjet. It can be used for reaming holes to a precise diameter. The heavy-duty, corrosion-resistant design is intended to ensure maximum operating life.

The drill features a hydraulic feed control unit, feed stroke adjustment, exhaust collector, and programmable logic control interface manifold. A flexible bellows cover is mounted to the front of the drill to protect it from foreign material, with all controls contained internally. The drill has a free running RPM of 3,300 and can be set for any stroke from 5/16 to 3 in. It includes a 1/4-in. stainless steel drill chuck. All control valves are contained within a NEMA-rated electrical enclosure.

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