Waterjet cutting systems available with three to six axes

March 13, 2012

Waterjet cutting systems available with three to six axes - TheFabricator.com

Knuth Machine Tools has introduced a new line of waterjet cutting systems with three, four, five, or six axes. They are available in flying-bridge and gantry styles in 4- by 4-ft., 5- by 10-ft., 6- by 12-ft., and 10- by 20-ft. sizes.

Optional features include multiple cutting heads, sludge removal systems, water filtration systems, dual-table/dual-bridge designs, and a variety of pump options from KMT Waterjet Systems.

The flying-bridge machine features an independent steel tank with a 0.31-in.-thick bottom, ball screw transmission system with linear guideways and auto lubrication, highly engineered table design, and 0.003-in. accuracy. The gantry machine features independent frame and tank design, 20-in. I-beam construction with a 0.39-in.-thick bottom, ball screw or rack-and-pinion drive, highly engineered table, double way and ball screw covers, and 0.001-in. accuracy.

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