Waterjet designed to work with EDM

September 12, 2006

MC Machinery Systems Inc. offers a Mitsubishi waterjet line designed to work with EDM technology.

Three models are available. The two- or three-axis Classica, four-axis Suprema, and five-axis Evolution waterjets feature stainless steel tanks for simplified maintenance and clean cutting conditions. A solid base construction and custom-made table for accepting tooling systems allow the waterjets and EDM to work together.

The Mitsubishi 700 series control provides high productivity and operator comfort, according to the manufacturer. The dedicated nano control helps achieve high-precision machining, and a 15-in., waterproof screen provides improved graphics and NC design to simplify operation.

The Classica features 2-D CAD/CAM software with nesting capabilities and accuracy and repeatability of ± 0.004 in. The Suprema's software features intelligent tapering control (ITC), which corrects tapering of the cut automatically. The Evolution 3-D system uses a self-positioning rotation point device on the material to maintain automatically a constant distance from the nozzle to the workpiece.