Waterjet machining center has enhanced cutting capability

October 9, 2007

Flow Intl. Corp.'s WMC2 waterjet machining center is now available with 87,000-PSI cutting capability with the company's HyperPressure technology. The company says waterjet cutting at 87,000 PSI provides faster cutting; increased production; lower abrasive consumption, with 30 to 50 percent less abrasive used than with 60,000-PSI machines; reduced part taper; and simplified, fast maintenance.

The HyperJet pumps are the first pumps to operate at 87,000 PSI, with the pressure increasing the power and density of the water, the company reports.

The machining center delivers cuts parts out of nearly any material up to 8 in. thick with no HAZ. It incorporates Dynamic Waterjet® technology, designed to provide accurate, taper-free parts.

According to the company, the system offers a modular design that adapts to user requirements, simplified operation, and a worldwide service network for fast response time.

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