Waterjet pump has redundant intensifier system

June 7, 2010

Waterjet pump has redundant intensifier system - TheFabricator

Jet Edge's iP60-50R waterjet pump has two intensifier systems. If one of the intensifier systems fails or requires service, the second intensifier system can continue operations until the intensifier pump can be shut down for service.

The pump produces 1.1 GPM of ultrahigh-pressure water for precision waterjet cutting, water blasting, cleaning, and surface preparation applications. It supports orifices up to 0.015 in.

The pump's tie-rod design has no threaded cylinder, no threaded end caps, and no threaded hydraulic cylinder, helping to prevent cracking. Matched-metal components prevent galling of hydraulic system components.

Hydraulic accumulators reduce wear on the hydraulic pump. Hydraulic fluid also is cooled and filtered. A hydraulic center section incorporates a high duty cycle-rated piston seal and wear rings. Attenuators smooth pressure fluctuations and deliver a constant and steady stream of ultrahigh pressure water to the cutting tool.

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