The Fabricator®

September 1999
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Selected articles from the September 1999 issue available online:

Coil reel

Inspecting for and correcting coil reel damage

October 11, 2001


Written in a question-and-answer format, this article offers tips for inspecting and correcting damage to coil reels. Descriptions of several tests are offered, including arbor or reel runout, lost motion, final indicator, and segments straightness tests. Frequently encountered problems such as coilers that break constantly, telescoping coils, and marred material are also addressed.

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Working safely with metalworking fluids

September 17, 2001

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This article examines the hazards associated with metalworking fluids. Health effects, including skin and respiratory disorders and cancer, are addressed. A look at engineering and administrative controls that can be implemented to ensure the safe use of metalworking fluids is included.

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Flatness in coil processing operations: New turns in the leveling process

August 16, 2001


Most flat-rolled coil processing operations use some sort of roller leveling technology. Operations people understand what these machines can do to improve the quality of the product they produce. In the competitive marketplace, customers demand and get more that just flat sheets or slit coils.

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