The Fabricator®

November 2000
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Selected articles from the November 2000 issue available online:

Making the most of the daily grind

November 29, 2001


The article divides grinding equipment into three application categories: welding/heavy metal removal; metal fabrication and construction; and light metal removal, finishing, and sharpening. It also discusses grits and grains and operator safety.

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Hydroforming machine

The basic elements of tubular hydroforming

March 5, 2001


Many factors come into play when attempting to execute a production hydroforming operation, among them material selection, friction and lubricants, tube bending and preforming, and equipment. Many companies in the automotive sector are experiencing great success with the process, which can reduce weight, overall costs, and the number of parts per vehicle.

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LDH tests

Advanced variable-polarity plasma arc welding

November 29, 2000

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This article examines variable-plasma arc welding and its uses in the welding of tailor-welded blanks.

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