Practical Welding Today®

July/August 1999

Practical Welding Today® was created to fill a void in the industry for hands-on information, real-world applications, and down-to-earth advice for welders. No other welding magazine fills the need for this kind of practical information. Subscriptions are free to qualified welding professionals in North America.

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Selected articles from the July/August 1999 issue available online:

Dressing for success and other welding safety tips

May 30, 2001


Whether we are attending a social occasion or dressing for the job, we all give some thought about what we are going to wear.

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Ironworkers and contractors adapt to FCAW trends

May 15, 2001


Welders who want to become proficient in a technology whose time has come should look into getting certified for flux-cored arc welding.

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Plasma arc welding

Advantages of plasma welding: Often-overlooked PAW offers speed and affordability

February 19, 2001


Plasma arc welding sometimes offers greater welding speed than gas tungsten arc welding at lower cost than laser beam welding.

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