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January/February 2014

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Selected articles from the January/February 2014 issue available online:

Aluminum Workshop: Differentiating between residue and oxide on your aluminum wire

November 10, 2014


Q: I think I have a problem with the 5356 aluminum wire I am using for gas metal arc welding (GMAW). If I take a clean white cloth, wrap it around a length of the wire, and rub it vigorously, I get a pretty big black mark on the cloth. I think the wire is dirty. The company that sold it to me says...

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Consumables Corner: Reducing weld cleanup in pulsed GMAW

June 20, 2014

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Q: Our company manufactures the main structures used to build fitness equipment. These structures are mild steel tubing of various shapes and sizes and in relatively thin material, typically 10 to 16 gauge. We are using 90 percent argon/10 percent CO2 shielding gas with a 0.035-in.-dia. ER70S-3...

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Arc Welding 101: Short-circuit MIG not prequalified in AWS D1.1? No problem …

April 21, 2014


Q: The company I work for welds with GMAW-S, and all of the weld procedure specifications (WPS) that we have are from prequalified AWS D1.1 welds. When I look in D1.1, I find that GMAW-S is not a prequalified transfer mode. Are all of our WPSs null? If I understand D1.1 correctly, we would need to...

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crimped wire

Creating art that inspires thought

February 3, 2014


Las Vegas metal artist creates abstract contemporary pieces that make viewers think and let him sleep.

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Digital GMAW

GMAW in the digital age

January 27, 2014


Arc performance and electrical efficiency have driven various advances in inverter-based welding power sources. These improvements have led to present-day digital welding systems that allow for repeatable, high-precision, low-spatter welds on a variety of materials.

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Angle Grinder

Technology Spotlight: Tight spaces? There’s a grinder for that

January 17, 2014


Small angle grinders are incredibly flexible tools; however, even they have their limitations, like accessing confined spaces. A power tool manufacturer with U.S. headquarters in West Chester, Pa., developed a small angle grinder with a reduced profile that reaches into tight spaces not normally accessible with standard angle grinders.

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