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May/June 2014

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Selected articles from the May/June 2014 issue available online:

Consumables Corner: Defining current density

June 5, 2014

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Q: Our company manufactures cylindrical structures, including tanks and smokestacks made from A36 or A572 material. The material is burned to size on a plasma table and mechanically beveled. Process limitations cause gaps in the joints during fit-up. We use a 0.045-in.-dia. solid wire with a 75...

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Courage over fear

May 26, 2014


After trying her hand at various traditionally female-oriented careers, an Alabama woman, on a mission to provide the best life for herself and her newborn son, found courage to ask a shipyard for a job. That courage ultimately sparked a chain of events that led her to a fulfilling career.

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To infinity and beyond—with the help of a filler metal

May 19, 2014


4943 alloy is the first aluminum filler metal developed in the U.S., designed for use in wrought commercial applications, and registered with the Aluminum Association in over 50 years. It was designed primarily to provide a consistently high-strength alternative to filler metal 4043 while maintaining various advantages of 4043. The most interesting and comprehensive series of third-party tests were conducted by NASA at the Goddard Space Flight Center for the James Webb Space Telescope project.

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Spot-on safety tips

May 12, 2014


Operating a spot welding machine safely requires operator care, proper training, and appropriate safety devices. Without these, you put yourself as risk for myriad injuries.

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Make way for the brew crew

May 5, 2014


Craft beer is all the rage these days, and Crawford Co., Rock Island, Ill., has thrown its hat into the ring. After working closely with a local brewer who contracted the fabricator to build larger-capacity equipment, the two partnered to form a no-nonsense brewing division within the company to address the needs of the booming craft beer industry.

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