May 2005

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Selected articles from the May 2005 issue available online:

Vertical dereeler

The big payoff

February 19, 2007


Traditional coil slinging and hoisting for vertical dereelers and positioning them in coil cradles requires extra personnel and is time consuming because production must be stopped. When a line isn't running—it's not making any money. To keep your line moving, consider a pallet uncoiler.

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Reinventing the wheel - Automated line reduces in-process inventory, increases production flexibility

May 10, 2005

Kawasaki's production encompasses several wheel sizes and designs, which require more than 60 different dies. To become more efficient, the manufacturer wanted two complete press lines—one to make round and rectangular blanks directly from coil and one to stamp finished disks.

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A healthy alternative

May 10, 2005

Employee wellness programs have a positive and wide-reaching impact on a number of bottom-line issues, from lowering absenteeism to reducing health care claims. This new evidence paired with the steady rise of health care costs has cast employee wellness in a new light.

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Revitalizing the U.S. tool and die industry

May 10, 2005

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The U.S. tooling industry has received quite a bit of press in the past few years documenting its demise. Many people believe the rise of lower-cost tooling industries in foreign countries is the main culprit.Unfortunately, it's not that simple. The U.S. tooling industry's future is precarious, but...

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