September 2008

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Selected articles from the September 2008 issue available online:

Carbides in applications

Carbide in tool and die

September 30, 2008


Carbide is a two-phase, powder-metallurgical (PM) material consisting of a hard material phase and a binder metal phase. The hard material provides the necessary wear resistance, and the binder metal guarantees appropriate toughness. To select the appropriate grade for a tool and die application, it is important to have a detailed knowledge of carbide and how its properties can be influenced.

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What's up with scrap (besides price)?

September 16, 2008


Today's escalated metals prices have made scrap a hot issue. Multi source article covers new trends and old favorites in efficient scrap handling and in minimizing scrap

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Virtual engineering software

Next-generation large-tonnage presses rely on new software for virtual integration

September 15, 2008

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Operating large flexible press systems without sacrificing speed and quality can be a complex undertaking. New software takes CATIA to the next level. Users can really learn how to "drive" their large presses optimally by virtually integrating the slide motion, the transfer movement in a way that allows 1) the press to be built, 2) the transfer to be integrated and 3) the die to be built to most efficiently run in the system--a quantum leap. Now being used by Ford and Magnum.

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