June 2009

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Selected articles from the June 2009 issue available online:

machiner move project.jpg

How to make the most of a press move

June 9, 2009


In today's economy, machinery moves are on the rise. The success ofa machinery move project will be determined by the effectivemanagement of five key stages: planning, dismantling, servicing,5transportation, and installation. Do not overlook the relocationprocess as an opportunity to inspect, repair, and make modificationsto enhance the press system.

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space saving underslug coil feed

The economics of selecting a coil feed line

June 2, 2009


Factoring in the economics inherent in a small footprint—if a building expansion is required for a larger line, for example—a space-saving line may be the most economical option. Categories of space-saving coil feed lines, from the least expensive to the most expensive,are the paddle loop, space saving, and synchronous.

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machined parts stamping

Stamper converting machined parts to stampings

May 28, 2009


This article showcases the success story of stamper and tube fabricator A.T. Wall Company, which gained entry with a new customer and strengthened its foothold in a lucrative market segment by redesigning a machined component as a stamped components,saving costs for its customer in the process.

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